The Buried Path of Yesteryear

From Lusid to Hylo

Second Session

We left our adventuring party in Hilfort with them witnessing events they could not yet understand. At the beginning of this adventure, they made it to Lusid and joined up with the rest of their party; a kagonesti wlid shifter druid and a minotaur Commander (one of my favorite additions from 13 True Ways). Having been briefed on the mission, they embark to Hylo on a steamship piloted by Tinker Gnomes.

Once in Hylo, they found a theological college and the local high priest of Mishakal. He told them the Disks are not there, that they were kept at Xak Tsaroth during the War of the Lance up until the point the draconians attacked. It was during this attack that priests of Mishakal were moving the sacred artifacts along the temple to avoid the draconians. Seeing few options, they summed dimernesti elves (sea elves) to the shore to help them. Being followers themselves, the Dimernesti elves took the Disks to a secure location. That location is known only to the Dimernesti, but the priest knows that they will attend a shrine on the Schallsea island in Newsea here soon. The priest agrees to help them charter a private boat to the island while they head into town to recruit more help. The priest steers them towards a cleric student at the temple who knows the teachings of Mishakal and could be a benefit to the party. They agree to his aid, but also believe they need someone skilled in “infiltration.”

At a local tavern, they meet a Qualinesti elf who is very charismatic and has fast hands, he was able to sneak up on the minotaur in the tavern. He is a rogue looking for a challenge worthy of his skill level. After hearing them out, he agrees to help for an even share of the coin and a greater share of the spoils. They agree.

Since the party was going to have to interact with sea elves, the red robes mage amongst the party decided enchantments were in order. With the help of the white robes and a cleric or two, the red robes mage enchanted a collection of sea shells into the shape of a chalice that was imbued with the ability to grant water breathing and also to create water. The quirk of this item, as the mage was beginning to understand, was that it gave the user an increasing desire to be in the water.

The next morning, they are shown to a nondescript fishing boat with a minimal crew. This is their ride to Schallsea.

On this journey, the minotaur commander overheard people on board mention a rumor spreading amongst the lands, that the Wizard King, the first Emperor (of course, this means the Lich King) is entertaining those that wish to have an audience with him. Safe Passage is guaranteed, and you might even get him to grant you something. Since he was the first emperor, he would have been alive during the periods of history the party is trying to get answers for. The Minotaur kept this information to himself at this point.

At Schallsea island, they find a large statue of Mishakal carved into rock hidden behind a waterfall and near a dozen Dimernesti praying to it. The party disembarks the boat and makes their way towards the priest amongst the Dimernesti. Seeing a minotaur approach, the Dimernesti take them to be pirates and get into defensive stances. It then becomes clear that a good number of these sea elves are mystics; water casters, sorcerers, etc. The cleric displayed his medallion of faith for Mishakal and spoke on the party’s behalf, the rogue suddenly nowhere to be seen (you have to love how 13th Age handles rogues).

Through diplomacy, the sea elves tell the party that they never fully trusted the “surface dwellers” with something as sacred as the Disks. They were swan into Sable’s Swamp and down the rivers into the Plains of Dust and around the large corner to a sunken citadel that predates the Cataclysm, the same place the Masked Mage was rumored to have visited. The Disks remain there to this day, as do all the traps the sea elves put into place to protect them. Only the pious will make it to the Disks, they made sure of that, but to keep things interesting they stashed various items along the path to the Disks, such as various oils, potions and weapons, etc. The party will be faced with things that can help them and things that can destroy them along the way.

Looking at a map gave the party a decent idea where this citadel would be at. They discussed many different ways to get there including using the Overworld, traversing the Khalkist Mountains and asking the dwarves for assistance, etc. The minotaur then mentioned what he had heard about the Wizard King granting audiences. This was discussed and almost the chosen tactic until the red robes mage decided to use his Icon relationship roll with the Great Gold Wyrm. Spirit servitors were summoned a given a message. The following day, dragon riders with Imperial markings showed up to give the party a ride to the citadel (when the rogue stepped up to his dragon, he spoke with the rider for a few minutes, the rider nodded, and the rogue was allowed to pilot the dragon, something that is completely unheard of).

The party climbs on the backs of dragons and are flown to the Plains of Dust at that crook in the river the sea elves told them about and are left here. The sunken citadel they are looking for is further on, the dragons saw a temple and assumed they wanted let out here (the Icon relationship roll used here was a 5). The temple they have been left at is rather regal, on the top of a 200 foot tall cliff, rises up over a crevice in the cliff and extends down over the edge of the cliff. As they approach the temple, an earthquake shakes the ground they walk on.


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