The Buried Path of Yesteryear

The Temple of the One God

Session Three

The party began at the edge of the temple – they found out later it
is called the Temple of the One God – deciding what to do next. They saw a
couple of travelers approaching their way, heading more towards them than
the temple. They were met by an Aasamari monk and a gnome rogue, both of
which saying they were sent by the Prince of Shadows to offer aid (the
gnome, due to her one unique thing, thinks she is the Prince of Shadows and
was offering assistance). Each one offered information the party had not
received yet. The monk told them the zombies they encountered before were
made by the Cult of Yesteryears, a group of mystics that have learned how
to temporally infuse their magicks. The gnome rogue told them there is a
spy amongst the people of the Temple but she did not know who the spy is
spying for.
The mages noticed runes decorating the entire exterior of the temple;
protection circles, symbols representing magic, grace, hubris and
protection. The front doors had a symbol featuring one fist over top of
the other with a length of chain held between the two hands. The party
started discussing tactics when they noticed they were being watched. Elven
emissaries were standing outside to greet them, waiting for their
conversation to end. They are greeted and invited inside, told the name of
the temple and offered supplies for their journey.
The inside of the temple was luxurious. The native population was
mostly elves and half-elves with a smattering of humans thrown in,
apparently former barbarians that took to a calmer lifestyle. The PCs
learned this was a village with apartments, schools, taverns, diners, etc,
all built over the chasm in the top of the mountain. The locals were
dressed in fine linens, had expensive jewelry, and all seemed more than
willing to share what they had with the party (you could help yourself to
anything from the general store, you would only have to pay for it if you
planned on leaving the village). The place reeked of riches, apparently
these people were amazingly well off; at least they had very valuable
possessions, the party never saw any steel pieces anywhere.
The food they served tasted amazing, the ale was top notch, the best
in the world even. The monk asked about supply routes. Their guide told
them the supply caravan was about 8 days out. When the monk asked about
exports, the guide took him to a back store room that contained ale,
spices, food, and mastercraft weapons. The guide told them that when the
temple was built, it was constructed by the worshippers of the One God and
they attracted a good number of the best artisans in all of Solamnia;
artisans that whiched to join to true faith and avoid the heresies of
Solamnic religions (and let’s not forget the party is here quested for a
relic from one of these so-called heretic religions).
The temple was built over a chasm at the top of a 200 foot tall
cliff. The front portion of the temple was built going down over the side
of the cliff about 10 stories with very strong support beams and magical
bolts dug deep into the wall. When the party was given private quarters,
they were laid to rest in rooms on this overhanging partition. The mages
noticed a cloudbreak off in the distance, one they had seen while traveling
to this area, but now it looked a bit larger.
Everyone slept and had some of the most lucid dreams they have ever
had. Each one saw one of their Icons – the Icon themselves, not an agent
thereof – standing before the character and reaching out as if to offer
The next morning, the PCs noticed the native woman and children
heading off to breakfast, the men heading in another direction. The party
split here, some following the women and some the men. Those following the
men kept back, letting them get ahead. They turned the corner and found the
men gone, a symbol in the wall matching the one on the front entrance. When
those that had gone to eat joined up with them again, they realized this
was a sacred symbol to the natives and it would only open if you bow before
it. Once this was open, they were walking into the chasm itself on metal
The men that had come before them were on other levels, walking in
line holding polearms with blades that looked to be dragonmetal. The rogue
scouted ahead and found caves inside the rock wall and derro – insane derro
and at least a few shamans – living inside the rock. The minotaur commander
charged and attacked, gutting one of the derro. The others that saw this
advanced on the minotaur. The wizards attacked with force bolts, which the
derro mistook as other attacks from the minotaur and kept swarming him.
The party was able to subdue the derro and keep one alive. That one
led them to the ground floor in the very back of the chasm which gave the
party a good look at what was going on.
There were dozens of bridges over top of them, each one with squads
of workers running along them with polearms. It was morning and parts of
the sun were blocked out by what they thought was cavern, but now they
could see it was a creature. Standing before them, shoulders tight against
the cavern walls, was a 180 foot tall koru behemoth, the workers were
cutting off scales to fashion into weapons, stabbing into it and draining
blood, they were taking scrapings off the scales to use as spices in their
food. The behemoth was held in place with Immovable Rods pressed
horizontally against its body that were anchored to the cavern walls on
either side.
They heard the derro refer to the natives as the conquerors. The
behemoth seemed smaller and younger than any of the other known ones. Did
this mean the behemoths were mating? And this one was hundreds of miles off
its migration route. How did it get here? Did they lure it here?
The party’s captured derro told them his people had been living in
the rocks for generations, which told them there were hundreds in hiding.
They negotiated an alliance with the derro shaman. They were going to free
the behemoth knowing full well once it stepped forward it would tear
through the village at the top of the cliff.
The mages ran to the top and told the women to run. Most seemed
mortified that the travelers would consider freeing the One God; some
thought it impossible, some thought the One God was where he wanted to be.
The white robes cast lightning bolt in the village to scare people off, to
make them run. Some gathered items and ran, others grabbed weapons and
prepared to protect their god. The red robes noticed that the cloudbreak
was now ever closer than it was when they awoke and angling down. It seemed
on a direct collision course with this village.
Down below, the battle started. Derro were attacking the natives,
natives were falling from great heights. The derro would occasionally
launch a random attack at the minotaur because they never said they would
ally with him.
The mages returned down and magic missiled the mounting brackets
holding the steel cables that were tied to the immovable rods. Once enough
damage had been done, the behemoth could move forward. The mages also
noticed that after they had cast spells, the cloudbreak moved faster,
lining up with the temple now.
The behemoth took the first steps it had taken in hundreds of years,
each step causing tremors, the Temple falling as it moved through the glass
and steel. The party was able to run under its legs and get outside the
cavern and down the river out of the way as the miniature behemoth
increased its pace and took off towards the migration route, what was once
the Temple of the One God now a pile of rubble where the behemoth had
previously been imprisoned.

Next session: the Sunken Citadel


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