The Buried Path of Yesteryear

The Adventure Begins

First Session

The first night out for our party saw them begin with two wizards – one white robes, one red robes – and the barbarian entering the city of Gmynned in Northern Ergoth (yes, this 13th Age game is using Dragonlance for the setting). Word has gotten around that the Tarmack, a race of 7 foot tall humanoid barbarians that live on a continent to the north, have been seen outside the busy cities of Northern Ergoth raiding shipments of weapons on their way to a local blacksmith. This is too far south for the Tarmack, and how could they have gotten down this far without anyone having seen them?

Couriers tell the party their presence is requested by the local governor. They arrive at his estate and immediately tell him about the rumor of the Tarmack, which he promises to investigate (he dispatches Knights of the Rose to look into the matter). He tells them there was a recent summit of the races at the home of the Emperor. There the Emperor, Dwarf King and Elf Queen all compared notes and realized that their versions of history do not agree with one another. They agree with what happened in the first three ages and the last three, but the time in between is recorded differently amongst the different races.

They tried to discuss this with the Great Library of the Ages in Palanthas, but there was a problem. Some human had run himself through with an obsidian blade sword and smashed his head into the door of the Library. He had cast a death curse upon the Library so that no one could open it until certain conditions were met, but he died before anyone could know those conditions. It just so happens there were no Aesthetics inside the Library when this happened and none have been seen since. The curse is keeping the Library closed and even the greatest magics of the Archmage cannot open it until the curse is lifted.

The Emperor, Dwarf King and Elf Queen do not like that their versions of history do not agree. To be in alliance with one another, they want to have a common history. They feel the only way to do this is to find a record written by the gods. The party is charged with finding the Disks of Mishakal, a record of divine arts, but also a complete recording of history written by the hand of a goddess. They agree none will question this version of history.

The Disks were last known to be at Xak Tsaroth when the draconians left the city in ruins. Legend has it that priests of Mishakal smuggled the Disks out while the draconians tore the city apart. One of those priests now lives in a temple in Hylo on the other side of Northern Ergoth. They are to travel to him to discover what has become of the Disks.

The party left the next morning heading south towards Hillfort to resupply. They found a village in the sands with a temple on either side of the city, one of Chislev, who has domain over plants and animals, and the other to Morgion, whose domains are pestilence and destruction. They noticed the village was patrolled by monks who had layers of dirt on their outfits. In the local tavern, they found a small number of people dining, but one man at a table by himself with no food or drink in front of him, just staring at his table. When they went to speak to him, he lifted his eyes, opened his mouth and sand poured out onto the table. Their first combat encounter: a zombie.

The zombie was dispatched only after the Escalation die hit 6. There was another one locked in the stables that the party released (by convincing the barbarian to break down the door) and then they set down for the night, ready to move on to Lusid in the morning to meet up with the rest of the party and a boat that will take them to Hylo. The boat, as it turns out, is a steamship crewed by Tinker Gnomes. This should be exciting.


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