NOTE: This campaign uses the Dragonlance setting with the 13th Age rules set. Having said that, concepts from 13th Age that will be ported over include the overworld and the Koru Behemoths. Icons are chosen from familiar bloodlines in the Dragonlance setting; some obvious, some that should not be.

The story begins in Gwynned, a human run metropolis on Northern Ergoth. The characters, all already familiar with one another (and second level) are called before the local baron. He tells them he has heard tales of their triumphs and is honored they are visiting his city. He tells them he has returned from a summit in the Emperor’s court and has returned with a quest. The Emperor, Elf Queen and Dwarf King had started telling tales over many drinks. They came to realize that even thought all three kingdoms have prospered throughout all 13 ages, they have a strikingly different view of history during those times; the first ages and the last 3 they agree upon, but the times in between it seems that history changes based on which race was recording it at the time. These three venerable leaders are troubled by having such inaccuracies amongst their records. Whereas everyone knows the Lick King, the first emperor, would know the accurate history, no one believes he will answer any questions whatsoever. It was decided that champions were needed. The party is tasked with learning the actual history of the land and bringing proof of it back to emissaries of one of the three icons that sent them out. They are tasked with finding the Disks of Mishakal, one of the few gods to have returned to Krynn after the betrayal of Takhisis. Only a divine artifact will have the true recorded knowledge. The last known location of the Disks was in Xak Tsaroth, but raiders stole it from there ages ago. Priests in temples of Mishakal will likely have an idea of the Disks’ current whereabouts. As this is going on, there are rumors of Tarmak, barbarians from lands of the north, having migrated down to the southern portions of Northern Ergoth and raiding travelers along the roads, taking weapons but not money or food. This is too far south for them, how they did get past all Solamnic knights without being seen, and why do they want only weapons? Villages have sprung up in desert areas devoted to the dark god Chemosh. While simply a mining territory at face value, these people are having religious ceremonies throughout the night, and the occasional undead has been spotted inside their territory; a small handful of scragglers, nothing the locals can’t handle. Travelers have heard passing word from representatives of the Lich King that, for the first time in history, adventurers and nobles alike will be allowed to ask for an audience with the Lich King. He makes no promises of anything other than safe passage in to see him. Will the party continue to look for the Disks of Mishakal, or will they take the easy route for answers? Unknown to the party, a secret cult known as the Cult of Yesteryear has surfaced, performing rituals that they believe will summon magics that will slowly change, alter or destroy history. Their motives are not known. On top of all this, a few of the Koru behemoths have been spotted on the fringes of Ansalon preparing to make their migration.

The Buried Path of Yesteryear

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